CPPM VM find inactive Disk

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Before you drop ANY disk you need to ensure this is the INACTIVE disk your using……VERY IMPORTANT


Its not always going to be the case that 6.1 is on SCSI 0:1 or 6.2 is on SCSI 0:2. It could be the other way round thats why before you remove any disk be sure your removing the correct disk.


Make the new disk TWICE the size of the old disk as we will partition this disk into two logical volumes which we will use going forward after 6.3.0...... don't just make the existing disk a remove and then an add.


Note: Never remove SCSI 0:0.



Figuring out which disk is active v inactive, the best way is to use the vSphere/vCenter vSphere.....

Go to the monitoring page and click on performance. There will be a drop-down list on the RHS of the screen....'Switch to:' Select virtual disk......if you only see a single disk....go to chart options and ensure all disk are selected under 'Objects'.......
You should see either disk one (scsi 0:1)  or two (scsi 0:2) with activity.  The one that does not have any activity can be deleted and then re-added, ensure you double the size of this disk from its previous size.



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Re: CPPM VM find inactive Disk

Just to add an update the latest patch for 6.3.1 we have added the following to help you identify the used disk for a VM installed CPPM. Pay special attention to the output from the command below, I've highlighted the output you need to pay special attention to.



[appadmin@630-TEST_GA]# system boot-image


system boot-image [-l] [-a <version>]
-l -- List boot images installed on the system
-a <version> -- Set active boot image version. Version as displayed
with [-l] option in A.B.C.D format

[appadmin@630-TEST_GA]# system boot-image -l

ClearPass Platform [Active] on SCSI (0:1)



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ClearPass Product Manager

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