CPPM and DUR in Aruba instant environment

Jiust setting up a ClearPass guest service in conjunction with Aruba Instant 8.7.0


Want to implement  downloadable user roles  from cppm. Any Instant specific docn on this or is it just same as Mobility contoller enviorinment?

Not much in the Instant 8.7.0.x User Guide

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Re: CPPM and DUR in Aruba instant environment

See screenshot below and attached. Make sure download roles is checked. If you want to return a role and use the access defined on the IAP, under role assignment rules you should put a rule in saying that the "aruba-user-role is the role".





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Re: CPPM and DUR in Aruba instant environment

Check this video for some hints. Note that between the 8.4 covered in the video and current versions the role-download options is available in GUI now (was CLI only in 8.4).


Most important I'd say: Make sure time synchronization on both the AP and ClearPass is working; add the RADIUS server as a hostname, not as IP.

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Re: CPPM and DUR in Aruba instant environment

Many thanks for this , very informative however .....

I had the following
wlan auth-server
port 1812
acctport 1813
rfc5997 auth-only
cppm-rfc3576-port 5999
service-type-framed-user 1x
service-type-framed-user mac
cppm username iap-admin password

and all my auth stuff worked

When I change the IP entry to be

and do a commit apply;write m
Then all auth queries to the cppm server stop , nothing appears there at

Change config back to being an IP address ... authentications wo...

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