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CPPM failover + VIP recovery, high availability


Lets say that I have clerpass L2 cluster from 2 clearpass VMs:

Clearpass_1 is publisher

Clearpass_2 is stanby publisher


They both have VIPs:


VIP1 - primary:Clearpass_1, secondary:Clearpass_2

VIP2 - primary:Clearpass_2, secondary:Clearpass_1


Lets say thant, VMs are on separate DCs and

DC1 with Clearpass_1 goes down, now what is the impact off all RADIUS request is I configured all network devices with both VIP1, VIP2.


As I understand, Clearpass_2 should remain with VIP2 and after 10s  (10s is shortes preemtion time) clearpass_2 should take VIP1 control.

And after defined standby_publisher timer (5min) clearpass_2 will become publisher and no service down will be seen on the network, yes?

Do I correctly understand clearpass redundancy, VIPs process, yes?

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