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CPPM fails to authenticate against LDAP

Hi all,


We had a Cisco wireless solution which is now replaced with Aruba system. Previously the wireless users were authenticated against Lotus LDAP by using PEAP-GTC (pap_ascii) but with CPPM I can't get this working.


When I try to authenticate to the network I'll get this error from CPPM:


PAP: CLEAR TEXT password check failed
EAP-GTC: Authentication failed


Does anyone have suggestions how to proceed?


I'm using CPPM 6.5.0 and the authentication method is setup as PEAP with EAP-GTC as an inner method.


Re: CPPM fails to authenticate against LDAP

I am not sure I can offer much in the way of help.

But initially we had tried to use Lotus Notes as an LDAP source and were unsuccessful because of the way that Lotus Notes stores the passwords in the LDAP.


They use their own form of encryption which seems to cause issues with Radius.


I was a little surprised to read you were success with Cisco.



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