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CPPM public virtual IP



I am installing for a specific client a CPPM server in the cloud with a public IP address. Actually, I would like to configure high availabilty between two.

I have 2 public adresses, one for each server. I have made one the subscriber of the other one and they appear as a cluster of two nodes.


The problem is :


As this cluster is expected to be joined by the client, I would like to configure a virtual IP address for redundancy between the two CPPM.

And because I have two public addresses, i tried to put one of the two public addresses as the virtual IP but it doesn't work.

Also, I don't think the problem would be resolved if I buy another public IP address because CPPM wants all three addresses in the same subnet.


Does anyone have a solution for this ?


Thanks a lot.




Re: CPPM public virtual IP

I'm sorry to tell you the VIP mandates that the three IP@ are in the same subnet, as does other VIP processes HSRP, VRRP etc.

The only solution I know that would work is to front the CPPM's with a SLB/ADC device who's VIP address can be in any IP subnet you wish.

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Re: CPPM public virtual IP

Okay, I'll do some research on that.


Thank you.



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