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Can 802.1x authenticate against Azure/AD without Clearpass?

Our companies recently merged and we have a-lot of users from the remote offices in our office.  We have our own 802.1x network authenticating against our AD via NPS.  I'd like to get the remote users to auth aginst their own network.  They are all on Azure/AD and until we merge our domains, i'm probably going to have to use a seperate network for them.  Is it possible to auth against Azure AD?  I saw that i can choose either RADIUS or LDAP in aruba as the auth server.  I'm just not sure how to do it without an onpremise NPS/RADIUS server.  


Re: Can 802.1x authenticate against Azure/AD without Clearpass?

Your only secure option is EAP-TLS which would require a policy server (like ClearPass) to handle certificate issuance and authentication/authorization.

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