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Can i use an operator login profile in a smarty statement?

Our ClearPass Guest page has a context dependent menu column on the RHS.

When logging in, all you see is a bullet point titled "mydevices"


Once logged in you get 2 menu options :-

  • Register Device
  • List Devices

Our IT Servics Help Desk have read only access to mac_list tailored so they can see everyones registration. They cannot register devices.


To get this to work I've creeated an operator Login/Operator Profile/UoY ITSO which displays the appropriate info.


In the custom skin I use, the page menu bar is currently defined as


{if strpos($smarty.server.REQUEST_URI,'auth_login.php') == false}

<ul class="apNav2"><li class="apNavActive apNavL2A"><a href="mac_create.php" class="apNavActive">Register Device</a></li><li class="apNavActive apNavL2A"><a href="mac_list.php" class="apNavActive">List Devices</a></li>

i.e for anything other than the login page, display 2 urls.


Can I add a smarty conditional here that checks the operator login profile used to decide whether to display a menu item or not?






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