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Can we send any attributes with Access-Reject



Suppose I have a client connected to a switch port and tries MAC authentication and gets an access-reject, can i send some radius attribute with that access-reject message using CPPM and if yes can you point me to how I can configure that.



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Re: Can we send any attributes with Access-Reject

could you elaborate more on your requirment, do you want to integrate switch with CPPM server to do wired mac authentication?


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Re: Can we send any attributes with Access-Reject

Yes, we're doing wired mac authentication, the idea is that if an unknown endpoint tries mac authentication, the CPPM can send an access-reject with a redirect url for web authentication. I know we can configure CPPM to send a redirect url attribute with an access-accept message even for uknown clients but there is a slight limitation on the switch side which currently requires the attribute to come with a reject message. I also checked the RFC which allows sending any number of attributes with a reject message. 


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