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Captive Portal - Guest chooses receipt method

Is there a way on the guest self-registration form to have a dropdown box which has "Phone" or "Email" and depending on which one they choose, a text box displays, they enter that info and that's how the receipt w/ username and password is sent to them?


If not, is there a similiar and/or more simple way to accomplish the same thing?

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Re: Captive Portal - Guest chooses receipt method



After self-registration, you can display links to allow the user to:


- Download credentials

- Send credentials to themselves via SMS

- Send Credentials to themselves via email

- Print Credentials.

- Allow the user to download Apple Passbook compatible credentials.


You only have the option to enable the options so that the user can choose.  You have the responsibility to build a form to collect all that is necessary for the method displayed.  Conceivably the user could choose a method that you do not have any information for.


Honestly, you should choose one solid method and automatically send it to the user via that method, just to keep it simple.  The more complicated the workflow, the worse it is for your guests.


This is all in the guest self-registration configuration:





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