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Captive Portal Setup

I am finally conceeding to defeat.... 

I followed the instructions set in here (Aruba OS 6.2) and still have been unable to get my captive portal to work...


I have attempted the Guest-logon role, the Guest role, a combination of those two minus the v6, and have setup my own customized captive portal. 

From what I have read online, if there is a DNS issue I will know by going to, and it is supposed to work.... 


I have now basically done two setups for the CP -- one on my own, and one following the instructions as best I could for what I need....


From what I can tell, it should have worked....

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm sure it will be something simply stupid on my part but I have not been able to figure out what it may be.... I have attached snippets of the code in hope that someone might see something....


Anyone have any suggestions?


Thank you!!!!!!


#I basically added in the "guest-logon" and the "guest" combined hopes that it would do something...

user-role WC-cp_prof
vlan 111
reauthentication-interval 120
captive-portal "WC-cp_prof"
access-list session logon-control
access-list session captiveportal
access-list session v6-logon-control
access-list session captiveportal6
access-list session http-acl
access-list session https-acl
access-list session dhcp-acl
access-list session icmp-acl
access-list session dns-acl



aaa profile "WC-aaa_prof"
initial-role "WC-cp_prof"
authentication-mac "default"


# the only odd thing that i see is that my current GUI says the default role is guest -- not guest-logon

aaa authentication captive-portal "WC-cp_prof"
server-group "WC_srvgrp-xdb84"
logon-wait minimum-delay 2
login-page "/upload/custom/WC-cp_prof/R-guest_2013-08-09-2.html"



wlan virtual-ap "WC-vap_prof"
aaa-profile "WC-aaa_prof"
ssid-profile "WC-ssid_prof"
vlan 111

ap-group "Testing"
virtual-ap "WC-vap_prof"

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Re: Captive Portal Setup

Do you have an IP address on the controller for the user subnet?

Captive portal needs a layer 3 interface in the subnet to perform the

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Re: Captive Portal Setup

As I said...... something stupidly simple....



It works....... as in the page appears.... Now I have to work on configuring the display URL......



Thank you!!!!!!!




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