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Captive Portal Welcome page not displaying


I've setup a captive portal profile, uploaded a top level page, and and a welcome page.

I've also clicked the checkbox to display the welcome page.


However, the welcome page isn't displaying. The URL shown in the browser after the failure looks correct. Also, the URL displayed in the controller for the welcome page looks correct.




Also, is there a way to look at the files on a controller, to verify that it's been uploaded?





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Re: Captive Portal Welcome page not displaying

What is your Initial role against the AAA profile ?


e.g if it is Logon then go to configuration > security > access control > and edit he logon role.


Now scroll down it, find the  captive portal profile assignment tab and now select your captive portal profille.


Hope it works.

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Re: Captive Portal Welcome page not displaying

Hi Ruheal:

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Authentication was taking place, but my new role prohibitied access to the controller, so the welcome page never displayed.


Thank you!



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