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Re: Captive Portal login with AD auth and/or Guest Auth error

After doing further troubleshooting with TAC, we've identified the issue is with the communication between the IAPs and the virtual controller.

Based on traces on a slave IAP, we found DNS queries coming through from the client device, and an intermittent DNS response by the Slave IAP. Failed and Success responses were found.
After a failed responce, there was a successful response with the right magic-vlan IP as expected.

Howeverthe client did not initiate the TCP handshake in respect to the slave VLAN IP.

Only after the TCP handshake between client and slave will the client initiate SSL handshake to POST the credentials. As the TCP handshake did not occur, it did not begin the SSL handshake.


Any insight to torubleshooting further would be appreciated as I wait for further contact from TAC


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