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Captive Portal redirect for Guest



We have recently implemented a scenario where a remote branch office having an IAP is tunneling back to a controller via VPN and Clearpass is doing captive portal authentication for guest users. The traffic from the IAP goes via VPN tunnel to controller. NAT has been implememented. The controller is source natting the traffic to CPPM. the return traffic follows the same path back to the IAP. When guest users connect in the remote office, the captive portal page pops up, but when we click to accpt, it goes no where. Any pointers please ? 


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Re: Captive Portal redirect for Guest

Do you see any auth errors under clearpass monitoring > event viewer

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Re: Captive Portal redirect for Guest

Have you added thee IAP (NAD) into the clearpass? under configuration\network\devices.   Do you see the requests in access tracker coming from the NAD?  Also try doing a policy simulation test again the IAP


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Re: Captive Portal redirect for Guest

You could try a aaa test server command from IAP against CPPM as radius server. If you don't see any radius request in CPPM access tracker or in the event viewer from that NAS IP, then the request is probably not making it to CPPM.

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