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Captive Portal with WPA2

Hi Airheads,

How can i configure a Captive Portal with WPA2 Enterprise?. I'm trying to do it redirecting the WPA2 authenticated user to a role with captive portal, but the ssid don't work. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Captive Portal with WPA2

So after the device gets place on the captive portal what will happen after that?

Just to understand what you are trying to accomplish .

You will need to add the redirect on the 802.1x default role the user will get after a successful Auth , you need to create a L3 Auth profile and attach the captive portal profile to the user-role
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Captive Portal with WPA2

I'm having a similar issue but i believe it's setup right.  


I have the L3 auth setup  - default role is the guest-cp-role and default guest role is also the same (just testing for now - simply want to get to captive portal web).  Login page is set to https://ip 


Under the AAA Profile I have initial role, MAC role, and 802.1X role all set to guest-cp-role


The guest-cp-role has the captive portal L3 auth under it and allows DHCP and 443 traffic only to that captive portal host.


I get on, am able to get an IP from that network, but can't telnet on 443 to that box or anything... any ideas on what I could've missed?  Thank you!


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Re: Captive Portal with WPA2

Scratch that - I'll open up a new ticket as it can be a bit different than what this was. Thanks!

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