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Captive portal Ack page

Gang, I have an Aruba controller running 6.3 and Clearpass running latest code. I want to setup a guest captive portal acknowledgment page. First can you do that using the vanilla captive portal options in the controller and how? 2nd. How can I do it in Clearpass and is there any instruction on Aruba/3rd party sites? 3rd. How do I setup the guest SSID to redirect to the clearpass captive portal – directions? Thxs much
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Re: Captive portal Ack page

Did you purchase the guest module for clear pass? If all you're looking for is acknowledgement, yes that can be done with the controller.
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Re: Captive portal Ack page

yes I have Clearpass Guest. I would like to know how to do this on both. Have any referrence links that walk through this?


I will be eventually setting up CP as the main captive portal so instructions how to re-drect from the SSID to CP would be helpful

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Re: Captive portal Ack page

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