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Captive portal and BYOD

Hi All,


I have question concerning captive portal and BYOD. 


A student connects to our captive portal by accepting an agreement page (click yes and don't do anything bad) and all is well.  The next day they return and their device automatically attempts to connect to the captive portal.  Unless they open a browser or their device tells that further authentication is required, most students think they are connected to wifi because that is what their device is showing them but all their apps are failing with useless errors (can't find file, no persmission etc).  This results in a call to the helpdesk.  Has then been an issue with anyone else?  Any solutions out there?




Re: Captive portal and BYOD

With just the controller and Captive Portal, there is not much you can do here automatically. What version of code are you runnng and what types of devices are these?  iOS should launch their native Apple Captive Portal Native Assistant if they cannot reach upon connection.  There are ways to bypass this on the controller config; but it sounds like you want it to pop up.


 If you use ClearPass, you can have a MAC device pair be created when the student/guest/whomever registers.   This way, you can put both MAC authentication and Captive Portal authentication on the SSID.  The first time they connect, they fail MAC auth and get Captive Portal where they register.  ClearPass makes a macauth_pair between the two devices.  Upon subsequent returns, the clients passes MAC auth and never attempts Captive Portal auth.


If you had some method of clients registering their devices (MACs),then you can probably do a similar setupwith just the controller.

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