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Captive portal help


I tried to configure a captive portal access, but it don't work.
I followed the guide for the implementation without result.
I tried to set all polices for various profiles to allow all, but the clients aren't  redirected to login page.
The captive portal service, or web server that provide to it service, must be started.
Can you tell me, some tips??

Thanks for your help

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Re: Captive portal help

Did you try using the LAN/WLAN Wizard to create that captive portal?


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Re: Captive portal help

If you are trying to use the captive portal on Aruba OS use this VRD Remember that a proper functional  DNS is a must for captive portal to work.





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Re: Captive portal help

Yes, now, but not works.


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Re: Captive portal help

i think that the problem is the DNS.

try to fix ..


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Re: Captive portal help

Hi! Try to connect a laptop to the networhe behind the Aruba controller. Then confirm that DNS is functioning properly. (Do an nslookup for '', for instance, if you're trying to provide Internet access. If you don't resolve the IP address, that would be a separate problem which must be resolved in order for captive portal to function. The browser redirect is triggered by the controller receiving a DNS response. If you can resolve the name, then confirm that you have the appropriate captive portal policy applied to your guest-logon role. I hope this helps! Please let us know how it works out. - Jay
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Re: Captive portal help

Hi, has any of you experienced any problem with the current iOS version? 

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