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Captive portal - insert images from external sources

Hi Guys,

we are preparing guest network access with CP page. We would like to use in CP welcome page images loaded not from our external CP server but from other public server. So we are expecting, that our external CP server will return to Guest user external link instead of image itself.

Would it be possible with walled garden? Or do I need to add some rules in pre-auth role? We are using IAP enviroment.



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Re: Captive portal - insert images from external sources

Walled Garden should be OK, just add the links to the images on the walled garden list.

However you should also check the Guest Initial Role firewall list whether there is any type of deny which can cause blocking.

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Re: Captive portal - insert images from external sources

Hi shpat,

according to my test walled garden url whitelisting had no effect on image loading. I was putting url to walled garden and images were not loaded on external CP. Initial preauth role for CP guest users is "External CP".

But as soon as I have created pre-auth role which is allowing access to that url, images were loaded on CP page even if there is no url under walled garden whitelist. So I really do not understand how to use walled garden and why it was not working in my case.


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