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Captive portal redirection

Hi All,


I recently moved over an AP group from an M3 controller over to a 7220 controller.  The M3 and 7220 are local controllers talking to the same master.  The folks that access our Guest wireless from the M3 seem to get the captive portal page redirect just fine.  On the 7220 controller we get sporadic results for the captive portal page.  The captive portal page is on an Amigopod/clearpass server.  When I connect to the Guest SSID from the 7220 based AP I get an IP address and can ping/resolve the captive portal page.  I can manually type in the captive portal page and get to it as well.  The M3 and 7220 are using the same AP profiles.  Any ideas why the redirects are so sporadic?





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Re: Captive portal redirection

Do you have L3 interfaces for the user VLAN on each controller?

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Re: Captive portal redirection

Yes we do.


M3 has 10.x.y.4 and 10.x.z.4

7220 has 10.x.y.6 and 10.x.z.6


Some folks are getting thru fine on the 7220 and others get no page.

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Re: Captive portal redirection

Are you reaching it by IP or DNS Name ?

You probably should check your DNS settings.
Thank you

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Re: Captive portal redirection

Thanks for the suggestions.  Issue has been resolved.  I put the wrong subnet mask on the L3 interfaces of the new controller.  Explains the sporatic nature.  It's the simple things that get ya.

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