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Captive portal

Hy, I am trying to deploy the aruba central cloud guest to social login with facebook in my company, however a certificate error message is displayed.My clients are having difficulty accessing the network because an invalid certificate message is displayed. How to disable HTTPS on captive portal?

I am using an IAP 225 with central aruba and guest token

Re: Captive portal

What is the invalid certificate error you are seeing? My concern is that if you disable https then essentially any Facebook credentials to the external Captive Portal are surely unencrypted?

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Re: Captive portal

Hi Dan,


Can you describe, where you see the invalid error message? 


Normally, you will always see this message, when you redirect to a captive portal. The reason for this is that the browser is trying to connect to something like "" and is expecting a certificate from But due to the redirect, it is getting a certificate for e.g. This mismatch creates the invalid certificate message. There is no way to avoid this. 

You can only get around this, by not using a HTTPS enabled page for the first place like "". but this heavily depends on the default settings of your client machines. 

Disabling HTTPS on the captive portal page itself will also solve it, but I would never recommend doing so. This will make the credentials visible to anyone within the range of your WLAN. 

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