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Certain users do not find the Captive Portal



Why are some users successfully redirected to the captive portal and authenticated and other users are redirected but the website of the portal is not found?

I have CPPM 6.7.5 and CISCO WLC. Weeks ago the captive portal worked without problems. Now certain users can be redirected to the portal and others are redirected but can not see the page. By changing the url in the browser ( -> ip address) the user manages to see the web page but when trying to authenticate, the page where it must be redirected is not found and the access tracker is not reflected any event.

When I observe the address information of the user I see correctly assigned its IP, DNS, GATEWAY and others.

I hope someone can help me understand why in certain users it works and in others it does not.

Thank you.

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Re: Certain users do not find the Captive Portal

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