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Certificates on ClearPass subscribers



I have a question regarding the certificates on ClearPass subscribers.

ClearPass version 6.4.4.

Currently I configure a three node cluster with one publisher and two subscribers.

I would like to have a common name for Guest registration pages and unique names on each host for Radius.

Most of the clients are non-managed BYOD clients and only trust public CA's. A certificate from internal CA isn’t an option.


Onboarding isn't planned to be implemented.

What would be the best certificate strategy?

Option 1. One SAN enabled certificate with one CN like for https and the FQDN for each host as SAN for the Radius service

Option 2. Unique certificates for both https and radius

Option 3 Any suggestions appreciated


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Jonas Hammarbäck | Aranya AB
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Re: Certificates on ClearPass subscribers

In my opinion Option 1


I would definately make the the radius certficate common among all of the applicances if you have roaming clients or they would connect to all appliances so that they don't have to accept a different certificates. I would have a common CN and multiple SAN's for each appliance.


Re: Certificates on ClearPass subscribers

A lot of your Q's are discussed/answered in this TechNote


CPPM - Certificates 101 Technote V1.0 .pdf



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Re: Certificates on ClearPass subscribers

Thank you for the tech note link!


This document aswered my questions.




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Jonas Hammarbäck | Aranya AB
Network Architect, ACMA, ACMP, ACCP
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Re: Certificates on ClearPass subscribers

The certificate technote mentioned here should go into Aruba Network's Tech Note Hall of Fame.  I've updated to the version 1.2 ( CPPM - Certificates 101 Technote V1.2 .pdf ).  If you read that document carefully and apply its recommendations, you will leave this world knowing PKI better than you found it.   Even if you do not have a solid foundation for using certificates in your ClearPass environment, this will be highly enlightening.   The appendices also go into general PKI discussions that will help you understand why you want to use certificates in the first place.  Well done Danny Jump.   And great study material for those looking to get their ACCX.

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