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Change Guest Receipt/Sponsor FQDN

Hi all,


I would like to change the URL that is written in the guest sponsorship emails to reflect the proper FQDN. Currently it points directly to one of the servers (not the cluster IP) with an incorrect domain for the installed certificate.


When I checked on it, it's a big string of variables and whatnot.


<a href="{'guest_register_confirm.php'|NwaGetAppUrl:false:$u.require_auth}?{if $u.source}gsr_id={$u.source|rawurlencode}&{/if}token={$u.register_token|rawurlencode}" target="_blank">

Is there somewhere where I can tell Guest to use the correct FQDN?




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Re: Change Guest Receipt/Sponsor FQDN



You can hard code the correct FQDN, just replace "{'guest_register_confirm.php'|NwaGetAppUrl:false:$u.require_auth}" to "https://<clearpass-fqdn>/guest/guest_register_confirm.php".



<a href="https://<clearpass-fqdn>/guest/guest_register_confirm.php?{if $u.source}gsr_id={$u.source|rawurlencode}&{/if}token={$u.register_token|rawurlencode}" target="_blank"> 


Thank you,
Saravanan Rajagopal

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Re: Change Guest Receipt/Sponsor FQDN

Thank you, that did work fine. I thought there might be a variable stored somewhere that I could populate with the correct information.


This works fine though!


Thanks again,


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