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Cisco AKM

Is anyone familiar with Cisco AKM? The reason I ask is that I am having difficulty with Cisco 7921g Wifi phones - the phones have AKM enabled in a WPA2/AES configuration, and I believe that AKM is getting in the way of network access. As I understand AKM, it was designed back in the day to allow Cisco access points to provide the authentication for VoWifi phones based on keys that were statically configured on the access point itself. However, now that the customer has moved to an Aruba wireless network, they have to wait on average about 7-10 minutes when a phone initially boots before it can be used.


The VRD for Cisco 792x phones has been implemented.


Just wondering if anyone out here has experience with Cisco AKM and can provide some guidance, as there is a lack of Cisco documentation on this particular feature.





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Re: Cisco AKM

Are you able to do a packet capture or user debug for the device?

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Re: Cisco AKM

Negative to both. Attempting to obtain a new user debug.


The issue is exactly the same as this:


didn't see a posted solution - wasn't sure if anyone has experience with AKM/Cisco 7921's and Aruba

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