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Cisco WLC Fallback with CPPM

Hi all,


I have a Cisco WLC 5508 WLC with version 8.1 code and have configured two RADIUS servers which are Aruba CPPM. What I'm trying to do is configure Radius fallback so in the event if the primary CPPM goes offline, the secondary CPPM will take over by servicing AAA request. In the event if the primary CPPM comes back online, it should takeover the AAA request servicing role from the secondary CPPM.


Unfortunately, I'm not able to get this fallback to work properly. I've taken the primary CPPM offline and brought it back online, but am still seeing the secondary CPPM continue to servicing AAA requests where I expect the primary CPPM to resume this role.


I have configured active fallback, configured the name of the probes to be sent, and left the default interval time it takes to send the probes at 300 seconds on the WLC.


Any advice is much appreciated. I have seen Cisco documents referencing ACS and ISE but not sure if CPPM is supported.

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Re: Cisco WLC Fallback with CPPM

This is a function of the wireless controller, not the RADIUS server. It may be best to ask this question on Ciscos forums if you don't get a response here.

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Re: Cisco WLC Fallback with CPPM

You could also just configure the VIP between the two CPPMs so you can just use the VIP as the fail over and when the main comes back on it will fail back.

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Re: Cisco WLC Fallback with CPPM

Thanks gents, I'll try simulating the fallback option on the Cisco WLC in the lab and do some troubleshooting around it. If I can't get it to work, I'll look at redesigning the CPPM cluster using a VIP.

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