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Cisco WLC

Anyone doing mac-auth with an open SSID on a CiSCO WLC with a captive portal on Mac failure. We have a Cisco WLC.

We can get mac-auth working and authentication with the local web auth service but when we combine both so we have mac filter with a web policy on Mac failure. It doesn't work well on iOS devices. Windows pcs work okay but iPads and iPhones are not user friendly.

All works well on aruba controller.

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Re: Cisco WLC

IOS devices behave differently for the captive portal authentication after you upgrade to IOS 6.0.  they will try communicating to and will expect a message "success" over html. 


MY 2 cents :)


But if its something thats not working in Cisco WLC, i recomend to contact CISCO tac. 


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Re: Cisco WLC

I sent you a PM but thought I'd post here for others as well.


vkumaar is correct, they try to do a lookup on, but I'm blocking Web Traffic to anything except my CP-Guest Server, so I believe its simply a DNS lookup and ICMP response to the clients.  You can do a couple things, you can add an IP Address for Apple's Website into your Pre-Authentication ACL, or, My suggestion, would be to add the following lines to the same ACL:




Doing this took care of all my Captive Portal Apple issues. 

I know, with the old Amigopod, you could add a "/landing.php?/" to the front of your registration page link, and it would Bypass the Apple portion of the captive portal.  I have not tried it lately so I do not know if that is still being used with the newer versions of Clearpass Guest.  When I move to Clearpass 6.2 in the coming months, I might look at it again.  Any developers know for sure if this still is the case with CP 6.2 and up?

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