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Re: Cisco switch - Redirect URL - HTTPS

Was anyone able to get this working? Is loading the public cert on the switch the answer? 

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Re: Cisco switch - Redirect URL - HTTPS

hi everyone 

 i build the cisco switch and clearpass for web authentication. set the authentication method "allow all mac auth " for unknown mac continuing to go to web-auth. but the swicth does not reveice the redirect url. it just seems like the mac authentication is pass. 


do you have any advice ? thanks!!


Switch#show authentication sessions interface GigabitEthernet0/20
Interface: GigabitEthernet0/20
MAC Address: 089e.019e.ccfe
IP Address:
User-Name: 089e019eccfe
Status: Authz Success
Domain: DATA
Security Policy: Should Secure
Security Status: Unsecure
Oper host mode: multi-auth
Oper control dir: both
Authorized By: Authentication Server
Vlan Policy: N/A
Session timeout: N/A
Idle timeout: N/A
Common Session ID: 0A0A33CD0000002000503B57
Acct Session ID: 0x00000001
Handle: 0x49000021

Runnable methods list:
Method State
mab Authc Success



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