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Clear-Pass Licensing

Hi All,

1.Please let me know if we will up-date our Clear-Pass version then ,my ​Clear-Pass enterprises total count  now 25 ,this total count will get improve/increase.

Or what else i have to do to increase that count so that i can authenticate more  user/client to access internet via my Clear-Pass guest.

Currently i have version-

Clear-Pass Guest on CP-VA 5K Platform

Clear-Pass Policy Manager on CP-VA 5K Platform

Clear-Pass Onboard on CP-VA 5K Platform

Clear-Pass Insight on CP-VA 5K Platform.




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Re: Clear-Pass Licensing

The Enterprise license type will no longer be available in ClearPass 6.7. The bundling of Guest Access into the Access license and per user Onboard consumption provides more value than the legacy Enterprise license. A migration path is available for all impacted customers. 


License Conversion ClearPass 6.7.0 changes the licensing methodology of the product requiring new license keys for existing customers upgrading. With the exception of the Enterprise and Subscription based license keys, all ClearPass legacy license conversions to ClearPass new licenses (NL) are managed using the My Networking Portal conversion tool. The Enterprise and Subscription license keys require assistance from Aruba Support.


Original License:

5000 Policy Manager Licenses

25 Enterprise Licenses

after conversion New license  will be:

5025 Access Licenses

25 Onboard Licenses

25 OnGuard Licenses

To support more guest users, you will be required more access licenses.


license usage:

A session is considered active when an endpoint is authenticated/authorized and actively connected to the network. When a new endpoint establishes a session, an Access license is removed from the pool. When the endpoint discontinues the session, an Access license is returned to the pool. Session checks are performed every 15 minutes. If the session end cannot be identified (e.g. no accounting), the license will be removed from the pool for a period of 24 hours from the time the endpoint authenticated/authorized and connected to the network.


ClearPass 6.7.0 eliminates the usage of the Subscription ID to validate support entitlement for access to the Software Updates Portal (e.g. Posture & Profile Data Updates, Software Updates, & Skins). The HPE Passport account credentials that are associated with the customers’ ClearPass licenses is now used to validate entitlement to simplify and reduce the frequency of issues previously seen by customers when they updated their support contract but it was not recognized by the Subscription ID.


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Re: Clear-Pass Licensing

If you are asking about license migration from ClearPass 6.6 to ClearPass 6.7, it is probably best to consult the ClearPass 6.7 License Conversion Technote.


From that, I would expect your license to migrate into:

  • 5025 Access Licenses
  • 25 Onboard Licenses
  • 25 OnGuard Licenses

Please note that by upgrading to ClearPass 6.7, you will move from unique endpoints (total) to concurrent sessions which provides better conditions.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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