Clear Pass QuickConnect Best Practices


I am in the process of evaluating and possibly deploying quick connect. I don't see any documentation detailing the process of configuring or integration of CP QuickConnect with Aruba an Aruba WLAN controller deployment.


My current idea for deployment is to use an open ssid, obviously, but make it a captive portal to redirect only to the deploy CP QuickConnect package/web server. Is this correct? Is there another method? My only concern is that the CP QuickConnect reset pw url and help desk contact url will be inaccessible since captive portal auth will redirect to the captive portal page.


Any suggestions to get around the redirect for pw reset / help desk url?







Re: Clear Pass QuickConnect Best Practices

Is the initial redirect working as you expect? 


I can't say for certain, as I have not set this up.....but the role assigned to the open SSID you have setup will have the QuickConnect URL set as the Captive Portal redirect page.   In that same role, you can allow the http/https access to the password and helpdesk URLs you mention; just put them above the captive portal redirect rules in that role.   Would that resolve the issue? 

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