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Clear pass guest HOT spot manager



I am planning to implement Hot spot manager in our network supporting 1000 daily visitors in clearpass guest


how should i go ahead in settting up transaction processor like paypal etc???


In hotspot manager, if the visitor buys internet for 3 hours. Will the time start from First login?? And if user logs out after 1hr and planned to use 2 hrs after a while. Like after logging off, he wants to give a gap for 2 hrs and want to user remaining 2 hrs?? can we do this in clearpass??






Re: Clear pass guest HOT spot manager

To set up pay pal they directions or in the transaction processor page. You can also click the help button up in the top right corner for more detailed information.


screenshot_02 Dec. 15 01.47.gif


screenshot_03 Dec. 15 01.47.gif


screenshot_04 Dec. 15 01.48.gif



You can chose to either have it cumulative or from the time of purchase.


screenshot_01 Dec. 15 01.42.gif

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