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ClearPass disk space consumption

We recently (just this week, actually) upgraded CP to version One of the problems we were seeing in the older version (6.3) was that disk space was shrinking at a pretty rapid pace - we had to take some remedial measures so that RADIUS authentication could continue to work - but then we went ahead and deployed a new VM with the required amount of disk space and installed the newest version.

Since we did that on Monday, I continue to see disk space being consumed on a daily basis even though we set parameters to remove authentication logs, expired guest logins and old audit records down to very low levels. When the install was completed on Monday, disk space usage was at 2% - today it's at 7.5%. I know these are acceptable levels, but what is consuming the disk space at such a rate? I can envision eventually being back in the same position we were in before unless I can figure out a way to stop this trend.

Re: ClearPass disk space consumption



Disk space on ClearPass appliances should not fill that fast under normal circumstances.


Please check that you have the proper amount of diskspace added to the VM (500 GB for the 500, and 5K appliances, 1TB for the 25K appliance). I found that you CAN deploy with smaller disks, but as the maintenance (and also upgrade procedures) assume that you have enough space, disk may fill up too fast of upgrades may fail.


Please double check the VM hardware specification with the Release notes and VM Deployment Technote.


Also, in deployments with high number of authentications/accounting/other activity, you may need to adjust the cleanup intervals for the server, or move the Insight database to a separate server.


If your VMs have the correct resources, please contact Aruba TAC to investigate why the disk is filling up.


Regards, Herman

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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