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ClearPass 6.5.0 CP-SW-EVAL conversion & its deployment



I'm new with Aruba ClearPass and need some suggestions:

1. I have a testing environment using ClearPass 6.5.0 CP-SW-EVAL VM and now our customer want to use it as production with ClearPass 6.5.0 CP-VA-5K license. Can we convert ClearPass 6.5.0 CP-SW-EVAL VM into a ClearPass 6.5.0 CP-VA-5K? Since the CPU, disk space & RAM requirement is different. 


2. What is pros & cons by having ClearPass installed on Data Center while all the APs are in remote building. Or it is recommeded to install ClearPass inside the building only?





Re: ClearPass 6.5.0 CP-SW-EVAL conversion & its deployment



So you can use the cli command "morph" to migrate from a EVAL to a 5K. Note in 6.5 this is a one off operation to go from a EVAL to a 5K VM.


Note that you will have to provision disk/cpu/ram to match the 5K VM specification or you will be running UNSUPPORTED.


Regard where you deploy CPPM, I'd ask you where is the auth-source that CPPM will talk to.... if its AD and that's in the DC then position CPPM as close to the auth-source as possible.



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Re: ClearPass 6.5.0 CP-SW-EVAL conversion & its deployment

Note: When you're prompted to add a second drive for the CP-SW-EVAL installation, do so. Please update the quick reference installation guide to include this information. Thank you.


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