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ClearPass 6.6.1 - Custom Fingerprinting Rules

Hi All,


I'm using fingerprinting rules to add unknown devices to already categorized Dictionary Identities. It works great, I like this new functionality in 6.6.


I had some questions though. When I add a custom fingerprint rule via [Configuration > Identity > Endpoints > 'Select Endpoint' > Update Fingerprint > 'Check add fingerprint rule' > Save] where can I see this rule to either modify or delete it?


For example, I added a fingerprint from some HP Thin Clients that were showing as unknown:




I selected Thin Clients, HP, HP ThinClient as options for the rule. I then went into the fingerprints dictionary [Administration > Dictionaries > Fingerprints] and found the HP ThinClients fingerprint.


It shows a value of: 




It's different than what I selected in my rule, and also does not show the custom rule that I added (This is assuming that Device Fingerprints are 1:N relationship to Option55 values).


Is there a way to see all the custom rules so that they can be changed or deleted, or even known about? I expect that at some point customers will add in many conflicting rules that could cause problems, looking for ways to troubleshoot.


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Re: ClearPass 6.6.1 - Custom Fingerprinting Rules



I'm also needing this information, where are the custom fingerprinting rules stored so they can be managed?

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Re: ClearPass 6.6.1 - Custom Fingerprinting Rules

Administration > Dictionaries > Fingerprints

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Re: ClearPass 6.6.1 - Custom Fingerprinting Rules

Perfect, cheers!

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Re: ClearPass 6.6.1 - Custom Fingerprinting Rules

I add a new fingerprint rule which include SNMP Device name. When I look at the FP rule (Admin-Figerprints), the SNMP rule is not there. 

Does custom figerprint support SNMP?




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