All-Decade MVP 2020

ClearPass 6.6 Report active NADs

I need to run a report in ClearPass for all active NADs which have sent any traffic to ClearPass in the past 7 days. 

I tried in insight, but the closest i can do is export all the session logs via the TACACS authentication report. However this is a very busy network, and the CSV limit is 5,000,000 which will not cover the entire time. Also Excel can only open files up to 1 million lines, so there is no way for me to parse the list for all unique NAD IPs.


Ive tried in insight:


Authentication - Auth Trend (Blank)

Authentication - Auth Overview (Blank)

Network - Auth by NAD (Blank)

TACACS - TACACS Authentication (Show all tracker logs, too much to parse without build a DB to import it into)


Is there any simple way to see which NADs are actually producing traffic in ClearPass?


As a side question, when viewing Access Tracker, and i filter results for a user and NAD for example, is there any way to export all relevant logs to a CSV? I need to generate report for specific users activity, i can't see to find how to do this in Insight. I can see the data in Access Tracker, but there is no way to export it other than just copy/paste the table. 




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