Re: ClearPass 6.7 Releases

Hello Aruba,


the Cleanup Intervals Maximum inactive time has been removed, so if i want remove automatically the inactive endpoints from the Database how can i do that if this feature has been removed.


Kind regards,

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Re: ClearPass 6.7 Releases

Hello All,


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of ClearPass 6.7.8!  In addition to bug fixes, this release also includes several new features that our Engineering and QA team have worked tirelessly to include:


  • Endpoint Context Servers - Lazy Handler polling frequency reduced to one (1) minute
  • Platform – Added interface specific OIDs to SNMP polling
  • OnGuard – Automatically exclude Apple macOS non-encryptable partitions (recovery and VM) from “All Drive” encryption checks


As always, please take note of the ‘Changes of Behaviors’ section of the release notes (


The update images have been posted to the support site (Aruba Support site), MNP, and the ASP software updates portals. 


A big thanks and congratulations to the ClearPass Engineering and QA teams for reaching this milestone & to the TechPubs team for their work on the Release Notes and manuals!


Best regards,

The ClearPass Team

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