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ClearPass Access license is Overrun

dear All,


is anyone know about error : "ClearPass Access license is Overrun. Total license count = 0, Used license count = 63"


in my customer environment, this happen after cppm publisher down and manual join back to cluster,


and now after this issue happen, we couldnt login to cppm/guest, even if we could, we get null profile, even when i click the shortcut link in cppm dashboard with super administrator login

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Re: ClearPass Access license is Overrun

Do you still see application licenses installed?

Willem Bargeman ACMX#935 | ACCX #822

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Re: ClearPass Access license is Overrun

i'm already solve the problem with reset cluster database publisher and subscriber,


for now, license overrun already gone, and i'm already can login to cppm/guest

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