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ClearPass Certificate Not Valid

I am experiencing some issues with the CPPM OnBoard Server Certs. I have a Publically signed CA Cert, which I use as the https cert, and it is validated and trusted by all browsers. I have tried using the same one for the RADIUS Server on CPPM, as well as uploading it a new CA on Guest-->OnBoard. I have tried other public certificates as well. The OnBoard process only works if I tie it to the default OnBoard ClearPass CA, which is all tied to Aruba. I have also tried to upload as a "Trusted Certificate" as well. If I do chain them all together, sometimes I see all of the certs being pushed to the devices on the mdps cert chain. But I still always receive certificate warnings, even though I do have a trusted public cert. Any suggestions on this? I have consulted the ClearPass Certificate Technote 101 document, but no luck.
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Re: ClearPass Certificate Not Valid

Hi wlan-addict,


I take it that the certificate that you uploaded to OnBoard is your signed certificate, not a signing certificate?


Clearpass uses / can create a signing certificate for OnBoarding. A signing certificate is not cheap and is different than your standard signed certificate.


I would love it to work the way that you describe, but I've never seen it done that way.


Sorry, hope it helps!



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