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ClearPass Data Type Mismatch

I set up an attribute filter for an AD source to read "PwdLastSet".  This requires an integer64 data type which is a supported type under filter.  I need to store PwdLastSet for future use as an Endpoint attribute with a similar name.   Therefore, I create a Endpoint attribute with a similar name but the dictionary only supports integer32 as a data type.  This mismatch seems to cause problems for me.  ClearPass writes to the Endpoint attribute, despite the mismatch, but I can't perform any condition operations on it.  Also, when I manually enter a value for PwdLastSet, I get an datatype invalid error.  I tried to use datatype = string but it causes a problem at the filter end.  Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong or how to solve it would be appreciated.


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