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ClearPass Guest - API email receipt

I've managed to create guest acounts using the ClearPass Guest API, but I'd like to be able to have a password automatically generated still and automatically send an email receipt.


Is there functionality within Guest to be able to do this or would it require an extension of the API?


Re: ClearPass Guest - API email receipt



here's how to achieve this :) 


First, go to Clearpass Guest and then to Configuration -­> Pages -> Fields

2016-02-10 11_45_05-Customize Fields.png


As you can see, there is a field named auto_send_smtp. This field will automatically send an email to the provided e-mail adress. 

For the Password auto generation part you will find a field named : random_password


2016-02-10 11_46_18-Customize Fields.png


When you click those fields you can edit them and personalize them a lot to your needs. The description of the fields are quite self explanatory.


Next you need to add those fields to your Guest Creation Form.

Go to Configuration -­> Pages -> Forms and Views and then select  the create_user form (if this is the one you are using) and click "Edit Fields".

2016-02-10 11_46_58-Customize Forms & Views.png

Now add the fields, you should end up with something like this :

2016-02-10 11_48_05-Customize Form Fields (create_user_1_1_1).png

You can customize the auto_send_smtp field to make it Hidden or to see it. In this example I selected checkbox and saved with default values.

2016-02-10 11_48_34-Customize Form Field (auto_send_smtp).png


Next you should launch the page and have something like this somewhere in it :)


2016-02-10 11_49_17-Create Guest Account.png

Satori Internetworking
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Re: ClearPass Guest - API email receipt

Looks great, thanks! Will this also work for Guests that are created through the ClearPass Guest API?


Re: ClearPass Guest - API email receipt

Sure, just go under Home » Administration » Operator Logins » Profiles in CP Guest.

Then select the profile which your using and click edit. Go to the bottom and select the form you just edited previously on the Create New Device: field. You can also set it as the default page which is useful.

Satori Internetworking
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