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ClearPass Guest Automatization

Hi guys,


I've got several questions regarding captive portal automatization and specialized configuration:


Situation 1:

Guest Captive Portal with sponsor confirmation.

Guest has registered and is waiting on sponsor confirmation (at the receipt page)

Sponsor confirms access for the user


Question 1:

Can I auto-submit the receipt page the moment the button becomes available (when guest user is accepted by sponsor)?


Situation 2 (with 2 questions):

Due to device limitations in onboard, we are searching for a workaround. We want to make users login with AD credentials to a web portal (like in onboard) but instead of certificate installation, they will generate a guest user to use for their device.


Flow is as following: login page -> registration page -> receipt page

User logs in, the registration page only has a field for username/email. Password will be a generated one. User will submit registration page to create user. 


Question 2:

Can I automatically get their email address from AD to use or their username and let it be filled in on the registration page? 


Example: user logs in, username field is filled in automatically with the username or email address.


Question 3 (only if question 2 is possible):

Can I again automatically submit the page to create the user?


Kind regards,



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Re: ClearPass Guest Automatization

Anybody got any idea?

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Re: ClearPass Guest Automatization

What ClearPass licenses do you own?

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Re: ClearPass Guest Automatization

Guest, onboard, onguard and policy manager.


Thanks for answering but don't see how the licenses are relevant for this. Just looking if I can and how to pull data from a login screen into a registration field and automatically submit the data. 

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Re: ClearPass Guest Automatization

Re: Question 1:

Yes, you can detect when a user is "approved" by a sponsor when they're sitting on that receipt purgatory page:


{if $user.enabled}

You can combine that with the auto-submit script, slightly modified, available on Arubapedia:

{if $user.enabled}
      $( document ).ready(function() {
        Nwa_SubmitForm(_form_name,"ID_"+_form_name+"_submit"); // submit the form

Questions 2/3 seem doable as well, probably with additonal Javascript.


You can grab the username (email address) via the PHP smarty variable:


Refer to the for more tricks to help you with Questions 2/3.



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Re: ClearPass Guest Automatization

Thanks for the reply. Knew I had to go to javascript to get this done. Also got some code from a colleague with how to retrieve information with LDAP and how to store it for the next page. 


Probably won't implement it right now. 

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Re: ClearPass Guest Automatization

Keep us posted and feel free to share your code snippets if you need help troubleshooting!

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