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ClearPass Guest Custom Page

Is it possible to upload a complete custom webpage?  Trying to work around the limitations of the templates is frustrating and unproductive.  I'd like to build the webpage with normal tools, and then drop the login form in after.  Is this at all possible?


Re: ClearPass Guest Custom Page

I believe you should be able to do this under by going to Guest > Configuration > Content Management.


You can for sure upload custom web pages here as I used to do this back in the day. But I never tryied to build my own forms.

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Re: ClearPass Guest Custom Page

I think what you might be looking to do can be achived in Guest>Configuration>Translations>Page Customizations.


Here you can select the form to customize, and then add whatever code you want to load with it.


There is a lot you can do in there. Hope this helps...

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Re: ClearPass Guest Custom Page


With ClearPass a lot is possible. But some things are not, think of the ‘magic’ ClearPass does behind a guest page. Not everything is visible to the outsider. You can upload content for on a page. I don’t think you are able to upload a complete custom webpage.

Hope this helps
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