ClearPass Guest - Extend Expiration

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Can you have options to extend an accounts expiration in the sponsor's confirmation email? I found this, but I'm not sure if this is what I need:


Configuration -> Guest Self-Registration -> Edit -> Receipt page -> Actions

  • Extend Expiration option?


An example use case would be a Guest comes and my client knows they will need longer access than the default, is it possible to extend access from the sponsor's confirmation email as opposed to logging into ClearPass and doing it from there?



Michael Haring
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Re: ClearPass Guest - Extend Expiration

I'm running the 6.3 beta here so I would need someone to make sure you they have the same settings but you can add settings in the field below.


1. Click on the self-reg page you want to modify

2. Click advance edit

3. Scroll to the sponsor section add the fields you want. 


For example


+12h | Add 12 hours
+24h | Add 24 hours
+7d | Add 7 Days


screenshot_01 Jan. 08 01.00.gif

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Re: ClearPass Guest - Extend Expiration

FYI, I ran into an 'issue' where using that "extend expiration" option disabled my sponsor verification.



My issue:

"Running into an issue were we have sponsor verification enabled but the guest account is created as enabled without sponsor ok."


 TAC response:
- verified the self registration page configuration and found that user accounts are not disabled before the sponsor's approval.
- When we remove the values in extend expiration in actions page, account is disabled and works properly.

- have verified with our hq engineer and received an update that it is a normal behaviour if we use the extend expiration feature.

- It would be overriding the sponsorship approval and provides the login option to the users.

Koen (ACMX #351 | ACDX #547 | ACCP)

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Re: ClearPass Guest - Extend Expiration

Yes, I had exactly the same response from TAC.

We ended up allowing the Guest Users to select their own expiration time from a drop down menu on the registration page. The sponsor can then allow or deny the request, but cannot manipulate the expiration time as part of the approval workflow.




Aruba Employee

Re: ClearPass Guest - Extend Expiration

There is an easy fix to your situation.  The feature is exactly has it is described as Extending Expiration.  That means the default expiration is what is set in the form.  These are for situations when you want to give them limited access and then optionally add more.  If you set a Role Override the account will also default enabled.


To fix, simply add the 'enabled' field to your self-registration form, set its type to Hidden, set its Initial Value to 0, and optionally under the Advanced section click the Force Value.  If 'enabled' exists we do not apply the auto logic.



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