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ClearPass Guest - Language selection button/link for end-user



A customer wants the users to be able to change the ClearPass Guest Captive Portal language by clicking on buttons (or links) instead of using the browser information.

Is there a way to do it and how?

Version: 6.8.3


Thank you

Re: ClearPass Guest - Language selection button/link for end-user



to any page will present a dropdown of the (enabled) languages that will engage the translation.

This would generally go in the Footer HTML of your landing page.  But.. you need to remember that Footer HTML is one of the translated texts, so you need to use the translation tool to also put it on every other language otherwise it is only changeable from English.

One workaround for that would be to track down your skin config in Guest>Administration>Plugin Manager: Edit and see if there is a central config area to insert the helper text.  This is very skin dependent.


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Re: ClearPass Guest - Language selection button/link for end-user

Thank you for the answer, it solved the problem.


This is the code generated by the {nwa_translations}:

<select name="_nwa_translations" id="_nwa_translations" onchange="window.location.href='translation_lang.php?target=mycurrentpage.php%3F_browser%3D1&lang='+this.value">
<option label="(Default)" value="">(Default)</option>
<option label="Dansk" value="da">Dansk</option>
<option label="Deutsch" value="de">Deutsch</option>
<option label="English" value="en" selected="selected">English</option>
<option label="Español" value="es">Español</option>
<option label="Euskara" value="eu">Euskara</option>
<option label="Français" value="fr">Français</option>
<option label="Italiano" value="it">Italiano</option>
<option label="Język Polski" value="pl">Język Polski</option>
<option label="Nederlands" value="nl">Nederlands</option>
<option label="Norsk" value="no">Norsk</option>
<option label="Svenska" value="sv">Svenska</option>
<option label="Русский" value="ru">Русский</option>
<option label="العربية" value="ar">العربية</option>
<option label="中文" value="zh">中文</option>
<option label="日本語" value="ja">日本語</option>
<option label="한국말" value="ko">한국말</option>

Listed languages based on enabled language packs.

The link target is always the current page (for reload).

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