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ClearPass Guest SMS Carrier

hi all,


I try to configure a guest self registration page with a auto send SMS service. The SMS will be send via a customSMTP to SMS gateway.

The problem is, that the mobile number which is entered is cut but the system (clearpass) so that the leading "0" or "+" is missing in the send out request. I can see that on the SMS gate which is unable to send out the SMS.


I tried a couple of things like creating a custom carrier service with setting an country code etc. unfortunately without an success. The leading "0" or "+" will be cut off. It looks like that the option I choose in the carrier template will not be used.


To make things clearer:

this is a number how it should look like: 015112345678

what it acutally looks like: 15112345678


Right now I'm using CPPM


thanks in advance


p.s.: it looks like another (german) had the same problems a while ago:


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Re: ClearPass Guest SMS Carrier

Can you verify what your CPGuest > Config > SMS Services > Gateways > (edit yours) > Mobile Number Settings looks like?


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.25.47 PM.png

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