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ClearPass Guest Session-Timeout Configuration

I would like to set the time limit of how often a guest user needs to reauthenticate via captive portal.  For instance, a device should not have to reauthenticate via captive portal more than once in a 24 hour period.  I see many different possible settings and I'm confused on what each one controls.


In ClearPass Enforcement Policies:

1.  RADIUS - Session-Timeout

2.  Session-Check - Allowed-Duration

3.  Endpoint - MAC_Auth_Expiry (Now Plus X hrs)


On Wireless Controller:

1.  aaa policy - user-idle-timeout


What is the difference between all of these settings and which ones are actually required to accomplish what I want?


I heard that there is a 12 hour max for this setting for captive portals, is this true?


Re: ClearPass Guest Session-Timeout Configuration

This is handled by MAC caching and is pre-configured when you use service template.

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