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ClearPass Guest restrict number of device per guest account


We want to limit the number of session (devices) per guest account on ClearPass Guest.

We want to display a field in the creation operator account to specify the max number of device, in a range between 1 to 3

We use the filed simultaneos_use and in the form validation propertioes section, we have set the validator "IsInRange" and in the Validator Argument, we have set "array (
0 => 1,
1 => 3,

When we try to create the guest account with the form, we can select only value between 1 to 3, all the other value are denied "Field in red" and error message:" Please enter a non-negative integer value.  ".

However, if the sponsor enter the value "0" (unlimited session). There is no error message and the guest account is created.

I know we can restrcict the number of session in another section, but how can we do if we want to specify a range ?

Thanks for your help



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