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ClearPass Insight Backup

Hi All,

We recently have started backing up our resources to an off-site server, and we have already set ClearPass to do this, and it is working correctly as intended, so that's great. But one question I had was I know the only things being backed up are the Clearpass Configs and Logs, but we wanted to know if there was a way to automate the backups of the Insight features? In our particular environment we have a ton of devices and users bypassed through the sign in, as well as a ton of customization as far as the rules and such that we would like to keep if possible. It would be a lot of time and effort if we lost it to have to redo all over again. If there is a way to push the backups to the same server every night, that would be ideal. Does anybody happen to know?

Thanks in Advance!

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Re: ClearPass Insight Backup

You should not lose your policies if you lose Insight data. 


That being said, it is always recommended to have atleast 2 nodes running insight for you to have an insight backup incase the primary goes down. 

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Re: ClearPass Insight Backup

Yeah I am working with TAC right now and they told us there is no automated way as of right now, so we have reserved to doing the automatic of the configs and logs, and will push the database manually every quarter just in case. Thanks!

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