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ClearPass Insight reports



I have a number of customers running ClearPass in different configurations.

Lateley I have started to migrate the installations to 6.6.2, but have found that some reports that have been possible to create in prevoius versions do not exist in version 6.6.x.

One example is the report some of my customers require like registrered Guest accounts per day or the past month.


I created a support ticket, thinking I was making a mistake or something and got this answer:

"From the case details, I understand that on version 6.6.x you would like to generate report for ‘guest accounts created per day’. From 6.6.x version, we do not have the option to generate report for ‘Guest Accounts created per day’ and we only have option to generate raw data which can later be edited as per requirement."


Is any one else think that the Insigth reports lack a lot of functionallity? At the moment I think Insight reports is pretty useless...



Jonas Hammarbäck

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