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ClearPass Installation on Hyper-V aborts with Kernel Panic

Hi Airheads,

i'm trying to install CPPM 6.6.0 Eval Version in Hyper-V on my Notebook according to the Technote. Prerequisites are fulfilled. After creating the VM and adding the second virtual HDD, i start the VM and select "1" to install the Eval Version. When i confirm with "y" i get a kernel panic (see image).


Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!


As the docs say that failure in adding a second HDD before starting the VM leads to a Kernel panic as well, i suspect it may have sth to do with the virtual HDD. However, i have tried a lot regarding the drive - making it dynamic instead of a fixed size, creating it under IDE controller instead SCSI, creating it on my physical C:-Drive instead of my D: Drive where i want it, but all changes only produce a Kernel panic. Any ideas?

Re: ClearPass Installation on Hyper-V aborts with Kernel Panic

Are you trying to install Clearpass on Apple notebook by installing Hyper-V in machine?


We generally do not recommend installing CPPM on laptops, it may endup in such issues, you could try downloading the image onemore time and check if that does not reslove then you have to try install on VM machine by creating instance.

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