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ClearPass MDM Integration

I am looking to get some info on integrating ClearPass with MDM solutions.  The user guide covers how to add the MDM as an Endpoint Context Server, however it does not explain anything beyond that.  What information is ClearPass able to query from the MDM?  Does the information available vary by vendor (i.e. is the same info available from both Casper Suite and MobileIron)? Is there any documentation available that covers the MDM options for Role Mapping and Enforcement Policies?  


Re: ClearPass MDM Integration

The information is different between vendors since not all vendors collect the same information. There is a new TechNote doc that was created and I will find out when it will be posted for public access. 


Here is a list of some of the information that is pulled from some of the vendors.



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Re: ClearPass MDM Integration

Thanks for the info!  I'll keep an eye out for the TechNote.


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Re: ClearPass MDM Integration

Is the TECHNOTE doc referenced on MDM Integration available?

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Re: ClearPass MDM Integration

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Re: ClearPass MDM Integration

Please look at my posting from yesterday entitled "TechNotes Posted to".....



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